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Customer satisfaction is our value. Thank customers for their trust, respect their rights and interests, care about their needs, understand their concerns, achieve customer satisfaction and promote their success. Sincere and friendly, warm and thoughtful, relaxed and pleasant, considerate and tolerant. Attentive service, integrity and care.

Service Description:

1. Customers' suggestions and complaints must be registered one by one and handled carefully. Reply to customers in a short time. If the customer is not satisfied, continue to take measures or report to the superior for treatment until the customer is satisfied. And criticize and educate the complainants. If they are serious, they will be punished and ordered to apologize to the customers.

2. Visit customers regularly and accept their opinions and suggestions with an open mind, which can be used as the basis for improving work and continuously improve service quality.

3. Each service personnel must adhere to the principle when performing after-sales tasks and be willing to accept the supervision of customers.

4. The after-sales service personnel respond to the urgent needs of customers, complete the service tasks with high quality in strict accordance with the requirements of customers, carefully answer the questions raised by customers, and actively provide various solutions for customers to choose, so as to achieve customer satisfaction.